Published on 02/16/2022

Why do Car review sites matter - Top car review sites, FAQs and everything else you need to know

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Top car review sites, FAQs and everything else you need to know

People are buying things online. Not just daily essentials, clothes and electronic devices, automobiles too. With the global pandemic reversing all our habits and concepts, we’ve learned a lot- including how to look up and buy anything and everything online. Looking up the options, researching the features and even negotiating the price can be done online- pushing dealerships aside. No wonder car buyers are spending a higher percentage of time online than out there in the market ( according to a study conducted by Cox Automotive, car buyers spend an estimated 61% online, searching for their dream vehicle ).click here for study

Buying a car is no small thing. It can’t happen with just a couple of details. Where do car buyers find the information needed to buy a car then? They know better. Car review sites have got everything they need in detail- they don’t have to go searching other places. Let’s see the answers to some of the questions you may have in mind:

What does a good car review site offer?

Car review sites generally offer unbiased, objective information and review of specific cars- making it easy for a car buyer to research their choice and know more about a car. In short, such a review site helps the buyer to make informed decisions, skipping the whole dealership thing and proceeding directly to purchase.

What is the difference between a general review site and a car review site?

General review sites like Google and Facebook offer a wide variety of reviews, not just cars. Car review sites like on the other hand, are dedicated exclusively to cars.

Is it just about auto dealers?

No, the increasing number of automobiles on the road means a lot to all automotive businesses. Take the example of an auto repair shop. People who own vehicles, when an issue comes up, will search for a mechanic to repair it. Your business must pop up when they are looking up online. That’s why listing your business online is important. No matter what auto related business you have, being there on review sites is going to help you. A lot.

Do reviews matter so much?

Is it worth the effort? You might ask. Well, reviews in top car review sites add to your reputation and value. Online reviews are the key in attracting new customers and building a long lasting relationship with existing customers. Do you know that most of the customers rely on online reviews rather than any of your marketing campaigns? It’s just about the trust in the voice of the customer. Not just that. Reviews play a great role in ranking on Google. That’s what you need to get ahead of your competition, and ultimately they help you in generating more leads.

Which are the top car review sites?

According to the popularity, here are some of the online car dealership review sites.(Note that this list is not exhaustive and there are many other options as well)

These are some of the sites car buyers refer to while buying a new car or a used one. It is not surprising that car buyers turn to these authentic review sites while making their choice as the vehicle buying process is a little complex to carry out. That being said, it’s always better to be there on every site. Being there on these go-to sites increases your chances of being noticed by potential buyers. Good reviews posted in these sites will help you in winning more amazing deals.How to collect and manage these reviews easily?Coming to the huge task of handling the reviews, you don’t have to worry too much. Cloodot has got you covered. With the automated review request feature, you can easily send review requests and customers can conveniently drop a review with just one click. Managing these collected reviews is easy too, as Cloodot brings all the chats and reviews from multiple sites to one finely organized window. You can effortlessly navigate through the windows and customize it accordingly with labels and categorizations. Our aim is to build the reputation of your business as a customer centred brand. Get business insights, employee monitoring tools and interaction management in one place. Increase brand value through quality interaction and excellent customer experience. Start your journey with Cloodot today to drive more customers and to increase your revenue.


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