Published on 02/11/2022

Focus on Customer Experience to Grow Your Business

By Sameena

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What is customer experience? Why is it important? How to improve the digital experience of customers? All your questions answered. 

Customer behavior and expectations have transformed greatly during these couple of years. As the pandemic also changed the trends considerably, more focus must be given to enhancing digital experience. Customer experience includes all the interactions you have with a customer including customer services. It’s the overall experience a customer has communicating with you in all the stages of their buyer journey.

You have to remember that each conversation with the customer is important as it directly influences your revenue, reputation and much more. We’re not talking about just the purchase decision of a particular customer, but about retaining customers and creating loyal, repeated customers by building a long lasting relationship with them. Customer experience (CX) decides the outlook of your business and attracts much more customers to your brand. Yes, you’ve quality products and services. But, that’s not all. To stand out from the crowd, you need more than that. You need to interact with your customers and create lasting impact on them. You need to stay ahead of the competitors by connecting and reaching out to your strongest powerhouse, customers. So, why not read an article to see how and why to do that?

Personalization is the key

If you sound like someone who talks to a bunch of strangers in a cold, dull way, do you think anyone would be willing to talk to you? Addressing the person we’re talking to is the first thing you’ve to do in 1:1 conversation. Customers must feel that they’re validated and acknowledged and you’ve to connect to them individually in their terms and comforts.

Personalizing your client interactions is about treating your clients with special attention by offering them unique client experiences. The customers of this new era prefer tailor-made experiences that suit them. In other words, customers value this buyer experience even over the price.

What you’ve to do is to collect their personal information (of course, from those who are willing to) to deliver as much personal experience as possible. Understanding your target audience better will come to help you here. Create buyer personas that fit your target audience and design your interactions based on them. You can also exchange e-books, email courses or other exclusive content to collect personal information. By crafting emails and other conversations based on the customer, you can connect with them effortlessly. Design these tailor made content by segmenting your target audience. Based on their personal interests, fill it with advantages and offers that make them feel that it’s made just for them. Whatever you’re saying, it must be relatable to them and relevant to their personal interests and/or position.

Next thing to consider is the point of their customer journey. You’ve to decide your approach based on which point of the buyer journey they’re at. You can even advance your interactions by recommending them contents and products that suit their interests. Your goal is to create a wholesome experience for your customers to make them come back.

Deliver excellent customer service

Customer service is the core of customer experience. Delivering timely and quality service must always be your top priority. As our technology is so advanced that we expect everything to be instantaneous, your response also has to be so. Customer support is not something you offer only when there’s a problem with your product, but it’s a significant factor right from the beginning. You’ve to answer their queries and communicate with them throughout the buyer’s journey. Most importantly, you must respond as quickly as possible. Keeping track of all those conversations and replying to them on time may seem like a Himalayan task to you right now. But, it’s so much easier with a customer interaction management tool like Cloodot.

Post-purchase services you offer give way to an increased number of loyal customers as it shows the value you give to them. Even though the purchase is done and you’ve got the money, it’s not the end. You’ve to be there for them to provide support when they need it. Addressing grievances of customers is also an important part of customer service. You have to be reliable and responsible so that customers can have confidence in you. In short, a responsible customer support team- that’s

That doesn’t mean you’ve to peel your eyes off staring at the screen 24 hours a day. Automatic messaging can answer your customers instantaneously. A chatbot too can be of great help to you. With the help of artificial intelligence, you can ensure that the customer’s concerns are addressed for the time being. It gives immediate attention to every customer, providing useful information to them. Ofcourse, you can’t leave everything to it as conversations like these require human intelligence. Whatever service you offer, make sure that you communicate in a direct, empathetic manner.

Customer satisfaction must be your top priority as a business. Real-time, instantaneous communication is what’s most important when it comes to customer satisfaction. This one-to-one interaction can enhance the customer experience.

Creating a seamless, omnichannel experience

To adapt to the changing expectations and needs of the customer, you’ve to switch to a frictionless, omnichannel experience. Personalised, automated and instantaneous communication meets the expectations of the customers looking for personal attention and support. Automated messaging based on frequently asked questions can help you greatly to interact with them real-time. Plus, one-to-one personalized communication boosts their confidence and adds to the best customer experience you provide.

Be there in every possible avenue of interaction, available anytime. From social media sites to exclusive review sites of your particular product or service, you have to make sure customers can reach out to you anywhere. Social media offers a comfortable and personalized space to interact freely while review sites and others provide user generated content which can appeal directly to your potential customers. You can get in touch with them through these multiple channels of communication from webchat to text messages. These infinite possibilities help you to provide high attention buying experience right where they spend most of their time- their mobile phones. In these times- as the pandemic made us spend more time at our homes- they can feel more at ease to interact with you during their customer journey while sitting within the comforts of their homes. This is the time when we realized that customer experience is not only about the physical experience of shopping for something. But it’s also about the digital experience and much greater possibilities that it opens.

How Cloodot can help you to create top-notch customer experience

The difference between the ordinary businesses and the remarkable ones lies in the quality of customer services that they provide. Customer experience thus plays a greater role in creating success stories. That’s why offering a delightful and unique experience counts as a trump card of any business. It’s your chance to increase reputation, create lasting relationships and attract many more customers. What’s more- this will help you to stay ahead of your competitors.

Today, it is a must for businesses to pay more attention to customer experience. By making use of a variety of platforms, you can cater to the needs of customers effectively. But, this can be quite exhausting to manage, as you’ve to take care of many other issues at the same time too. If you’re looking for something to do this with ease, Cloodot will come in handy. Cloodot is a customer experience management software which offers CX tools to create an omnichannel experience. The multi-channel inbox brings all conversations and reviews to a single platform. Read on to learn more about how we can help you create a seamless experience.

Engage with customers easily and effectively

Cloodot creates a seamless omnichannel experience by bringing conversations and reviews from multiple social media platforms and sites to one centralized inbox. By providing tools to facilitate a personalized one-to-one interaction, Cloodot helps you to interact with customers in a meaningful way. By centralizing all these interactions, it becomes easier for your employees and customers to engage conveniently. Since your employees don’t have to spend long hours switching between platforms, they can save time and effort considerably. The mobile app can help you to handle the interactions no matter where you are. Interacting with your customers in platforms like Facebook, Google My Business and text messaging can be made effortless with just one app.

Communicate and collaborate with your team 

It’s hard for everyone on your team to stay on the same page if interactions are not centralized. Cloodot provides a space for you to communicate among yourselves to stay updated. Assigning conversations and interactions to a particular person in your team can help you to handle each engagement with special attention and care. With Cloodot, you can see the whole picture by referring to the context of each communication. The history and context of these conversations can help you to analyze the interaction and communicate further updates through custom notes. These custom notes can also be a great relief to customers as they don’t have to repeat the same information again and again. By bringing all your team members together to a centralized platform, you can collaborate in a better way and work as a team to deliver top-notch customer experience.

Redefine review collection and make use of real-time feedback 

Cloodot makes it easy to collect reviews with pre-prepared templates just in the right time. It makes it easier for your customers to leave a review at their convenience. Plus, it’s also about real-time feedback which can give you business insights. Creating personalized templates prompting customers to share their feedback and experience is a lot easier with Cloodot. Analyzing their responses, you can make changes in your approach and ultimately, improve the overall experience. There’s no one who can tell you how to achieve excellent customer experience other than your customers themselves. Real-time feedback gives you immediate signals to change or improve your strategies of interaction. Within a short time, you can take actions necessary to mend mistakes, without causing much damage.

Monitor performance using analytics 

Using the detailed data provided by Cloodot, you can easily analyse the trends in customer behaviour and responses. This can also help you to fix issues in your engagement and thus improving the performance. Self-evaluation is the best way to grow and it’s true in businesses too. With the in-depth report of your performance and visualized data, you can form insights to help you in taking meaningful actions. Customer experience is a journey. It has to be carried out by mending mistakes and making yourself better. Along with this, the tool provides you the system to monitor the performance of your employees and thus making them better in delivering excellent customer support. So, it’s about recognizing the issues the customers are facing and taking actions immediately.

It’s your turn 

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